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My Drawings
My Texas Flag I love doing Art on the Paint App on our computer! Here are a few of my drawings!!!!!!!!     Do you like them??????  Please say yes I hav (More)
Tape Sculpture: Th “A” in YMCA
9 Square Creativity Test
3D Foam Sculpture
Sketch Book: Rendition of My Favorite Painting
Sketch Book: Favorite Inspirational Quote
Elephant Page
For this page of my art journal we were supposed to create some sort of texture on it, and maybe have a drawing or picture of some sort on it as well if we wanted. I d (More)
Puzzle Piece
This was one of the first projects we did my junior year of high school. All of the art 3 classes painted puzzle tiles, and connected them together to complet (More)
December Calendar
This is my December calendar, and on the left, I drew with a paint pen, and on the right, I cut out brown wrapping paper into squares for the days of the month. Then I cover (More)
Thing I Love Most in My Life
For this page, I decided to paint an abstract image of my dog, Tootie. She is my world, and I felt as if she was the perfect choice for this page. (More)
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