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Week of Oct. 1-5
Thursday, Oct. 4-  Field trip to LeTourneau University's Belcher Center to see the play.  Busses will leave around 11:30 and should be back at school around 2:15.  We will have lunch in the classroom before we leave, so students will need to bring a (More)
Field Trip
If you have not already done so, please send $5 cash for the field trip as soon as possible!  Thank you! (More)
May 15-19
NO LUNCH CHARGES BEGINNING MONDAY, MAY 15TH  Please check your child’s balance and make sure charges are paid and that your child has money for (More)
Jefferson Field Trip
If you haven't turned in the $10 for the Jefferson field trip on April 13, please send it as soon as possible.  I will also need to know by Monday (More)
Field Trip
4th grade students will go to the WO Splash Pad this Friday, May 22.  In order for your child to attend, the signed permission slip with the $1 (More)
At the End of YOUR Rainbow

What treasure lies at the end of your rainbow?

People seem to be fascinated by rainbows. It has become evident in all the More)