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Genius Hour.
So far I am still in the research phase. I've already come up with my idea and I will be using a Raspberry PI for my project.  In the project I plan to automate , or improve something wth the PI. A few ideas have popped into my head , my favorite bei (More)
Lone Star Law preview
https://youtu.be/g7oWe7z9bTA (More)
Final Genius Hour Post...maybe
This is probably my last post over Geinus Hour.And I've decided while I am on YouTube I will be live streaming because twitch has been a butt for some reason.Also,me and most people on Twitch my followers like me being myself rather than editing.I wi (More)
Geinus Hour 3
Hey it's ChEck3r_s here, you might be wondering.What have I done on my project ? Let me answer, nothing.Why? because I don't know how to edit videos.Thats right folks, ChEck3r_s doesn't know how to edit a video and she wants to become a Youtuber.Leav (More)
Genius Hour#2
Today my mom and I went to a local baby store in town. We found several outfits that looked similar to our homemade outfit. We were able to compare quality, colors  and prices. My mom and I were able to discuss the pros and cons of name brand clothes (More)
Genius Hour Post 1
For my Genius Hour project, I have chosen to do a short film/movie or something on telling people that It doesn’t matter if you lose friends or not and to act nice to some people and that It’s nice to remember the fun times you and your friends had. (More)
Genius Hour project Blog post
Since my last blog post I have made some the pages and My main focus will be research. I will be finishing the pages on the website as soon as I can so  can do the research. I will be putting most american models like ford, chevrolet, nissan, lexus, (More)
Genius Hour 10-23-15
I found out that my project that I wanted to do over the social media site YouNow, could not work. I realized that a lot of social medias all have the same purpose... to put your world out into the open. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, YouNow, (More)
genius hour.
We have been working hard on our project. We have our release form all writing up and ready to send it to the elementary school. We are going to ask the school to pass them out to the fifth graders. Also have all our lesson plans ready. We will hand (More)
Genius Hour Project
I am building an r/c Indycar kit for kids. I plan on building this because I like cars and so I thought oh I\'ll make an r/c Indycar. So what I did was or (More)
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