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Multiplication Facts
A letter about our multiplication fact quiz schedule was sent home today.  Please sign the bottom portion and return it to school.  You may keep the top portion of the letter to remind you of the quiz dates.   The majority of math-related stress i (More)
Reflex Math for Homework
Parent letters were sent home today for an online math program that has been generously funded by the WO Education Foundation.  As I\'ve said before, the knowledge of the basic multiplication facts is imperative to your child\'s success in 4th grade (More)
X Retest Tomorrow!
The final multiplication retest will be tomorrow.  All students who have scored less than 90 so far will re-test.  Students who\'ve scored 90 and above have the option to re-test, or they may have free time (including electronic devices) during the 2 (More)
Multiplication News
The first multiplication facts test was given at the end of last week, and the students were given their scores & tests back today.  The tests were put in their graded work binders which will be sent home tomorrow.  You may also check your child\ (More)
Spook Out Drugs
Spook Out Drugs (More)
Hugs Not Drugs!
Our class with our favorite stuffed animals!   (More)
Red Ribbon Week October 24th - 28th
     DRUG FREE STARTS WITH ME MONDAY ~            HUGS NOT DRUGS                                             Bring your favorite stuffed animal to school. TUESDAY ~ (More)