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School Calendar
Just a reminder that the school board approved  More)
School Calendar
Just a reminder that the school board approved 2014-2015 school calendar is linked to the sidebar of my blog. Please make note of important dates when planning doctor appointments, vacations, or any other activities that might remove a student from (More)
First Loss is Suffered
Photo Credits: Kaibab National Forest With the ammonia rising, we knew we needed a (More)
First Fry Released into the Guad
The first five fry were released into the Guadalupe River Saturday, February 19th. They spent the previous few days in a smaller aquarium kept cold by ice surrounding it and const (More)
4th Grade Student Promotes WOISD Trout Egg Project at TroutFest
This past weekend, Christian F. was able to attend the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited TroutFest in new Braunfels on the Guadalupe River. He spent some time Friday Skyping back to the classroom from the mid (More)
First Class Delivery
On Friday afternoon, Mr. Mike Gilbert and Mr. Michael Gras delivered close to 200 trout eggs to the White Oak Smithsonian, or the intermediate science lab.  On hand to assist with the placement of the eggs into the aquarium tank were a few adults and (More)
The Alevin Anomaly...or is it?
Since the kids were all testing today, Mr. Gras and I decided to check out the trout alevin and test the water for them. When we got to the aquarium, we immediately noticed a few things. One, the tank looks cloudy today. Further investigation show (More)
Mrs. Carrington's class gets schooled (Get it? Fish. School.)

Mr. Gras answers trout egg project questions

Today was another great day to visit the trout aquarium for Mr. Gras and me. We sneaked down the hall trying not to disturb any classe (More)
The Trout Egg Project is about to begin!
We just got word that the 100 trout eggs will be available for pickup on Friday, January 28th. That means they will begin their life in the tank over the weekend after being warmed up to the temperature of the aquarium water (50º F). The eggs wil (More)
Our Trout Egg Project
The details finally got all worked out and we are excited to announce our upcoming project.

Future Home of Rainbow Trout

Thanks to the More)