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Colonial Occupations Fur trading
January 16,1692 Today we made a big trade with the tribe near us.We traded weapons, silver, and beads.So they gave us furs, cloth, rope, food, seeds, clean water ,and string.The chief of the tribe thanked us and went back to their camp and we went (More)
Love for Reading Gift
Hour of Code Reflection
I did Dance Party it was really fun,exciting,and creative.I finished it and got a certificate for completing it in an hour.I was really surprised and interested in the coding world,it opened my eyes. (More)
Colonial Leaders
Who is Roger Williams? Founder of Rhode Island Brave Loyal Adventurous Portector  Friend to all Smart Has strong stance Faithfulness in GOD. Separatist  That is Roger Williams. (More)
Halloween story
Once upon a time there was a ghost named Dakin. He took Miley and Wyatt hostage at an abandoned school , but their friends didn't know where they were.So Sophia,Sophie,J'lynn,Alex,Ummel grouped together to find  Miley and Wyatt .They started to look (More)
colors of silk
This is my silk art hope y'all like it. 😉 (More)
Silk Art
May 14 - 18
TEKS: MATH review TEKS: SCIENCE review HOMEWORK: None Reminders for Monday and Tuesday: *Eat a good breakfast *Go to bed early *Don’t be late *Bring a bottled water *Bring a light jacket in case our AC is acting crazy *Do not bring (More)
Week of May 7-11
TEKS: MATH review TEKS: SCIENCE 3.8D- identify the planets in Earth’s solar system and their position in relation to the Sun HOMEWORK: Practice multiplication facts three or more nights this week. Record practice on the log. I will check log (More)
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