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cheet giraffe zebra
This is what I made. It lives in Africa. It eats grass and leaves. It is a herbivore. They are very smart at finding food. They can read. They can also hear really good.   (More)
The kite Sroy
the kite make me laugh so much and cats sleep a lot.  They sleep all around, they need food and                                             water to, if it is a  outside cat it doesn't go to sleep they love on people love it to. (More)
This animal can go 100 infinity miles per hour.  Whenever it hunts for its prey and sees zebras, it can camouflage into a zebra and catch it.  Whenever this animal sees a wolf it can change into a wolf.  It can take wolves down for sport.  This a (More)
One day there was a horse while I was walking in the forest. I was like that is so cool. so I kept it and i fed him hay and grass.  I let him drink water. (More)
LT Pigda
He can do camouflage.  He can randomly hibernate. He can wack people with his tail and bonk them with his head.  It only eats fruit and nuts.  He is a herbivore.  He lives on the south coast. (More)
My animal is cougarjaguarcheetah.  This thing can live in the rainforest. It eats meat like deer and pigs.  It also eats plants, so it is a omnivore.  This odd thing can swim. It can live to 2,000 years old.  It rubs itself to a tree so it won't (More)
The Sweper
The sweper lives in the south. It needs ants to feed on. It can camouflage. It can also a herbivore. It also needs fur to survive.                       &n (More)
the fishta rabbit
This is a fishta rabbit. It can go 200,000 miles in water per hour. Its teeth are sharp as razor blade. Its more venomous than a king kobra. it needs warm water. Its habitat is Africa its half rabbit fish skunk . is predator it eats meat.than tha (More)
This    is   a   jagchee  . The   jagchee  is  a  predator. The  jagchee  can   camouflage   itself.  The  jagchee    migrates   to  a  warmer  place during   Winter.    The  jagche   live  in the southren  paras of the jungle.    The  jachee  is (More)
Walrus Anemone Fish Polar Bear
Hi my name is Walrus Anemone Fish Polar Bear. The Walrus Anemone Fish Polar Bear eats worms,smaller fish,dolphins, krill,m&ms,kitkats,and monsters. This creature is very extinct. It's predators are Snails,Gorillas, and monkeys. This creature (More)
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