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Technology - August 10-14,2020
Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year! Monday - Get to know know you and expectations Tuesday - Classlink, Google Classroom, Blogs, Edgenuity Wednesday - Edgenuity- Intro to Coding Thursday - Edgenuity - Intro to Coding Friday - Edgenui (More)
Blog Challenge
what does amphibian mean?The answer is double life. http;/facts4me.com   (More)
My Shark
Row Your Site
  Baseball is played on a baseball field.It is played with two teams. Both teams have to have nine players. Each team has infielders an (More)
My Invention
The Convertible ,Speedy,Hovering,Air Powered car also known as the CSHAPC is a very cool car.First you would start out by building the motor.Then, you would need a hoverboard and attach it to the motor.After that, you need to get a sunroof and metal, (More)
In the time I played the coding version of Star Wars,I had a lot of fun.What I found easy was obviously level 1 where you simply moved forward a couple of times,it of course was the easiest on the whole thing.Another thing I found easy was probably l (More)
Chromebook for beginners
NFL pro quarter backs
NFL pro quarter backs s (More)
Did You Know?
Did you know that Scott Floyd posts links and articles (including step-by-step directions) to a blog entitled \"More)
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