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Day 10
Dear Students and Teachers, That Charlie sure thinks he\'s a wise guy, doesn\'t he?  He thinks his sign \'I made snow\' is real cute, huh?  I don\'t know about you, but the onlyCharlie\'s SnoBalls I like is the real Charlie\'s SnoBalls located in Ki (More)
Day 9
Dear Students and Teachers,  We have an impostor amongst us!  Charlie is trying to take the place of all teachers and office personnel.  If he tries to take over y (More)
Day 8
Dear Students and Teachers, Something tragic happened to Charlie Thursday.  He came to me after school, admitting that he was not feeling very well.  At first I thought he was about to pull another prank, but then I saw something very sad.  Charlie (More)
Day 7
Dear Students and Teachers,  I apologize for not being timely on Charlie\'s update from yesterday.  Things got a little hectic. I\'m sure you all saw that Charlie was an impostor, sitting proudly in the wheelchair as you walked in yesterday morni (More)
Day 6
What?! More)
Day 5
Charlie the Elf Dear Students and Teachers,  I\'m not quite sure what to (More)