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Metaphor poem
You might think I’m just a quiet,kind,and polite fifteen year old boy But I know I am more way more than that not a sloth or turtle not a rabbit or cat A grizzly bear a grumpy grizzly bear When I\'m in my territory I roar at siblings and t (More)
Fear Affects People\'s Lives
Fear is sometimes unknown \"the oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown\" By H.P.Lovecraft.Even though that unknown fear can come into the light and be conquered.There are positive (More)
Extra-Curricular Activities; Help or Hurt
While extra credit to survive Spanish with coach Pratt may be a chore.Extra-curricular activities like football,baseball,and basketball are fun for most students.Even though,these activities have the potential to help students,but may also be harmfu (More)
Extreme Emotion Essay
That feeling of rage against mom which come with the temptations are to \"speak the mind\". At some point in time we all have had this feeling because it is a human physical and mental stage in a human that comes natural.it is important to deal with (More)