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English 1
Team Player Expository Essay
Caitlin DeAguero english 1-7th 04/10/15 In Champions League, a 2014 cheerleading movie, the director is on the scenes of a cheer practice capturing the cheerleader\'s stunts, attitudes, and creative tumbling. Similar to Ch (More)
Fear Expository Essay
Caitlin DeAguero english 1-7th 04/10/15 Driving down White Oak Road in a brand new Bugatti, noticing the 18 wheeler next door. All of a sudden, a screech and a huge shift, the brand new car is flipped on its side. Whether driving, or being stu (More)
Difficult Times Essay
Caitlin DeAguero english 1-7th 01/15/15 While at a young age, and a tragic accident happens, this often leaves scarred for life. Struggled times not only hurt physically but also mentally. Therefore,when going through struggles, difficult times (More)
Metaphor Poem
Caitlin DeAguero English 1-7 Caitlin was the name I was stuck with, and i\'m stuck with it until the day i fade away. even when i wish for something more exciting like the way the name summer not only describes a season, but a childs name (More)
The Airplane Model Writing Process
Unknown Citizen and Richard Cory Analytical Essay
Brett Morgan 5th Period PreAp 5-1-15 Appearance Versus Reality \"Richard Cory and \"The Unknown Citizen\" are both unique in the idea of a perfect citizen hidden behind a society\'s mask of prejudgment. Robinson\'s short poem speaks of a (More)
Nickolas Johnston 2/10/2015 English 1 Phones are amazing at gaming, apps, and texting. We all need to have the best phone,but just like any device. Phones have there down side and up side . Such as having unlimited knowledge and texting and dri (More)
Navy Seal
Nickolas Johnston English 1 3 period The Lonely One You might think i’m just a stupid football player with bad grades and no feelings for anyone but myself But i am not a selfish, non-mat (More)
Consequences of Being Honest Essay
\"Hey, bro. Your dirty shirt tag is showing for like the hundredth time today.\" Jackson dramatically cried out to Aiden. \"Really? Because your shirt\'s inside out, so quit being so concerned about me and just worry about yourself, Jackson!\" W (More)
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