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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Analytical Essay
Brett Morgan 5th Period Pre Ap English 4-22-15 Is Dr. Jekyll\'s True Form Truer on the Big Screen or on Paper?   I had always had a fancy for the ”goldie oldies”, the black and white screen, and in my opinion real acting. Normally (More)
Career Choice Expository Essay
Brett Morgan Pre AP English 1 Mrs. Wiersig 11-4-14   Career Comparative Essay   Ever since i was born I had a knack for being creative either with my hands, doing arts and crafts, or making music. I was able to find three careers (More)
Metaphor Poem
Brett Morgan 5th Pre AP 4-24-15 The Man That is a Beach   You might think I’m just some fifteen-year-old boy with blonde hair and grey eyes But I know I am way more than that not a rose or trolley, nor puma or (More)
Music, Harder than it Appears
Brett Morgan PreAp English 1 4/13/15 Music, Harder than it Appears In today\'s world, firemen rush through burning buildings, police officers face dangerous criminals on a daily basis, and oil field workers are challenged with potentially (More)
Elderly and Youth Expository Essay
Brett Morgan PreAp English 1 2/15/15 Elderly and Youth Raging Together In a world that is surrounded by potential and opportunities, where youth become elderly and do nothing with their life other than just take up space and oxygen. A world where (More)
Lawn Mowing Business Poem
You might think I’m just a short, lazy, boring 15-year-old boy with blonde hair and blue eyes But I am much more much much more than that not a basketball or table not an animal or sport A Lawn-Mowing Business stinky in the sticky summer pa (More)
Extra Curricular Activities Essay
\"Excuse me, sir?\" Joe timidly questioned the teacher just following his heated, hateful, and dishonoring rampage, humiliating all students that miss school because of extra-curricular activities. \"Yes, Joe?\" Questioned the teacher. \"Well, you se (More)
Cell Phone Effect Essay
Ever wonder, while stuck in a traffic jam on crazy I-20 in freezing cold snow and about to tear your hair out because of frustration, where a detour might possibly be? At that exact moment, the realization that all such knowledge plus more is on the (More)
Extreme Emotion Essay
Ever wonder, while in a state of rage at the office, exactly why the computer has to be so extremely slow? Whether attempting to control rage in an office like seen previously or dealing with the death of a loved one, correctly dealing with \"explosi (More)
Extreme Emotion
Nickolas Johnston Jan 15,2015 English 1 Extreme Emotion Emotions, how do we stop yourself from braking, yelling,and getting mad? It\'s a question that has been asked for ye (More)
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