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Extreme Emotion
Shaynee Tyl English 1 3rd 1/15/15 The Importance of Extreme Emotion Prev Hold on Susan,this idiotic guy just turned into my lane without a turn signal. Wow dealing with road rage it is important to (More)
Cell Phone Affects
Shaynee Tyl English 1 3rd 2/10/15 Effects Cell Phones Cause Mom,I want an Iphone like all my friends they can help you with homework,I can talk to my friends whenever,and I can have internet in the car or (More)
Team Players
Shaynee Tyl English 1 3rd 4/24/15 What a Team player is made up of For cross country I have a positive attitude and confidence which makes me a good team player and helps me win. At the district mee (More)
You might Think I\'m
Shaynee Tyl English 3rd 4/23/15 You might think I’m just a fourteen year old freshman girl with brown hair and brown eyes But I know I am more way more than that not a flower or tree not an animal or car A Cross Country Course a l (More)
How fear affects people
Vincent Tyl English 1-4th April 30, 2015   How Fear can affect people\'s lives    The memoir night, the Jews face fear when Germans capture and killed them, like the Jews people face fear every day in their lives.Fear can affect p (More)
Effects caused by Cell Phones
Vincent Tyl English 1 4th 2-10-15  Effects caused by Cell Phones \"Mom can I have a cell phone for christmas?\" \"No!!\" Should have expected that, its the same thing I hear every year. Instead of people enjoying each others company and c (More)
Problems Caused by Bullying
Vincent Tyl English 1 4th 1-14-15    Problems caused by Bullying Who hasn\'t had a bad day overshadowed with extreme emotions? The garage door doesn\'t open, all four of the children have overslept, and the hot coffee spills all over the (More)