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"Our Town" - White Oak Comparison Essay
October 3, 2016 People are drawn to stories and films by relatable anecdotes and themes. Everyone needs to feel a connection to the world, and the play Our Town by Thornton Wilder is well known for its familiarity. Anyone who lives in a small comm (More)
Lamb to the Slaughter Compare and Contrast Essay
Short stories and film adaptations are typically known for their wild differences and adjusted story lines. However, Roald Dahl’s short story “Lamb to the Slaughter” and Alfred Hitchcock’s film version have subtle differences that compliment the simi (More)
The Unknown Citizen & Richard Cory
In "Richard Cory" and "the Unknown Citizen," the subjects of the poems are perceived through public view in a way that differs from their true internal state of being. "Richard Cory" follows a wealthy man through the streets. Cory is perceived by the (More)
The Writing Process - Metaphor
The Writing Process (More)
Little League, Big Impact
Wyatt Smith Mrs. Pearce/Pre-AP English II Research Paper April 27, 2016 Sports are huge in America, and behind the scenes of both snotty-nosed five year olds and professional athletes with bodies alike to Greek Gods are coaches. Although (More)
Poem Comparative Essay: Richard Cory/The Unknown Citizen
Lost in Society\'s Trap            “Richard Cory” by Edwin Robinson and “The Unknown Citizen” by Wystan Auden both address appearances versus reality. In “The Unknown Citizen”, this man is seen as an ideal addition to society, but not important enou (More)
The Importance of Learning to Read
His calloused hands sting with each flip of a page. Threats of lashings hang over his head, weighing down his thoughts. Still, African American slave Frederick Douglass continues his task of learning how to read. With each letter learned, his vision (More)
Living La Vida Ignorant: Critical Essay
Living La Vida Ignorant In the autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, the author illustrates vividly the effects of ignorance of slaves, weighing heavily especially on the overall control their lack of knowledge gives the slaveh (More)
Unified by Song: Expository Essay
Unified by Song: Music\'s Impact on Society     She pulled her headphones from her ears, faintly hearing a ruckus outside. Investigating, she poked her head out the window and practically fell out in awe and laughter at the sight before her. Standin (More)
\"Night\" Critical Essay- Syntax Comparison
     In the Holocaust memoir Night, Elie Wiesel communicates the horrors of his journey from Sighet as an innocent, passionate child to his time spent at the Auschwitz concentration camps facing a harsh reality. Through the use of diction and syntax, (More)
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