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Poem Comparative Essay: Richard Cory/The Unknown Citizen
Lost in Society\'s Trap            “Richard Cory” by Edwin Robinson and “The Unknown Citizen” by Wystan Auden both address appearances versus reality. In “The Unknown Citizen”, this man is seen as an ideal addition to society, but not important enou (More)
Living La Vida Ignorant: Critical Essay
Living La Vida Ignorant In the autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, the author illustrates vividly the effects of ignorance of slaves, weighing heavily especially on the overall control their lack of knowledge gives the slaveh (More)
Unified by Song: Expository Essay
Unified by Song: Music\'s Impact on Society     She pulled her headphones from her ears, faintly hearing a ruckus outside. Investigating, she poked her head out the window and practically fell out in awe and laughter at the sight before her. Standin (More)