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\"Richard Cory,\" and, \"The Unknown Citizen,\" Comparative Essay
May 6, 2015 \"Richard Cory,\" and, \"The Unknown Citizen,\" are both powerful poems that through masks of elegant appearance and a, \"perfect record,\" challenge the importance of appearance compared to reality. Robinson\'s poem features the powerful (More)
Cell Phone Effects
January 16, 2015 Cell Phone Effects   Middle-aged-All-American-father Jim Brown pulls slowly to the sleepy town\'s lone stoplight. Squealing delight in the back seat are his lovable twin daughters. Crash! Brown\'s neck snaps forward lik (More)
Metaphorical Poem Composition
April 24, 2015   You might think I’m just a fifteen-year-old boy with dirty blonde hair and ocean-like eyes But I know I am more way more than that not a roller coaster or a summer day not an essay writing machine A bl (More)
Night Stylistic Analysis
Wyatt Smith Pre Ap English 6th Assignment: Stylistic Analysis of Elie Wiesel’s Memoir, Night   A Night to Remember In Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night, Wiesel exemplifies a night and day change from innocent, religious twelve year old in Sighet, (More)
Career Choice Comparative Essay
Wyatt Smith Pre-AP English 6th Period November 4, 2014 Career Choice Comparative As a young boy, seeing my grandfather thrive while building elaborate baseball complexes and awe-inspiring playgrounds intrigued me. Still obvious to this day is the (More)
Movie Review
March 21, 2015   Most Helpful Critical Review When our class read Stevenson’s Victorian-era mystery, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the tale of two men proved to be a great read. Although making a movie to follow such a classic is a daunting task, (More)