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Proud of this Young Lady and All Sixth Grade Students
I’m so proud of this young lady!! Excellent write-up below in The White Oak Independent on one of our very own sixth graders! I absolutely love Genius Hour. This year, through Genius Hour, sixth-graders sent $104 worth of supplies to the L (More)
Genius Hour Presentations 2021- Days 6 & 7
Day 6 & 7 presenters are live! Be sure and check them out! On this day, we learn about baseball, snow leopards, the Lusitania, how one of our students started a recycling program in our cafeteria, 10 ways Spiderman has changed over the years, (More)
Lesson Plans for the Week of March 29- April 2nd
We will continue (and finish) Genius Hour presentations this week. The presentations we saw last week were stellar. Beautiful job. Be sure and check out DAY 1 of the presentations. Be sure you are subscribed to my REMIND class to be receiving (More)
Day 4 Genius Hour Presentations 2021
Way to go, Day 4 presenters! On this day, you will learn about animal abuse and how we can help our local animal shelter, see some dog tricks and how to make homemade dog treats, see how to make rice balls and learn about Japanese foods, fishing, (More)
Day 5 Genius Hour Presentations 2021
Day 5 presenters are live! Enjoy watching these superstars present! On this day, you'll learn about: dystonia, the origination of football, how basketball has evolved over the years, how cameras and photography were developed and how it has (More)
Genius Hour - 2020-2021 Day 3 Presentations
Super job, Day 3 presenters! On this day, we learned how to write in Japanese, we learned about the Wabash ship, snowboarding, how to care for a goat, tanks, origin of cheerleading, how to show a goat before a judge, what a labor and delivery nurse i (More)
Genius Hour Day 2 - 2020-2021
Day 2 video is ready! These students rocked their Genius Hour presentations. I"m so proud of them. On this day, we saw how a sturdy chair was built and painted, we learned about the pica, what it was like to be a mechanic in the Army, the history (More)
Genius Hour 2020-2021- Day 1
Bravo to all of our DAY 1 Genius Hour Presenters. I'm so proud of you! On this day, we learned about arctic foxes, what it was like for a grandpa in the Korean war, how we can make WO happier and healthier, chronic myeloid leukemia, nystagmus, the pr (More)
Making WO Community Happier & Healthier - Genius Hour
I couldn’t be more proud of these students for making a difference through Genius Hour! I enjoyed every second with them on this day over spring break! Thank you to Fire Chief Jimmy Purcell for your time and for making a positive impact on my stud (More)
Lesson Plans for the Week of March 22-26
  photo credit: talkswithteachers.com Parents/Guardians, We begin Genius Hour P (More)
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