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One day in obedience school Ike was at dinner.All of a sudden, he started to be naughty like howling, and bitting the waiters. I tried to calm him down but he started to be mean to me, so I slapped him so hard it knocked some sense into him! He aplog (More)
Taylor Swift
My favorite singer is Taylor Swift and she grew up in a wealthy family.She is tall ,thin, pretty, and flexiable. She is quirky and differnet. Almost everyone I know ,knows her and alot alot of peolpe are her fans.Some of her hobbies are baking , anti (More)
Dueling Mandates in Yellowstone
The dielamma is that the Lake trout was just moved in the cutthorat's lake and is feeding off them and comppetting for food.If the Lake trout decrease the cutthoart's population and other animal's population will go down.So the big thing is how do yo (More)
Patriot Poem
A man who severed his country and his home Military career started with a modest post Most skilled and celebrated generals General within year Nathanael Greene Brave, Courageous man Greene choose military over Quakerism 1778, Continental Congr (More)
Women in the Revolution
Emily Geiger A great young woman she took on a task no one took on.She took a letter from Nathanel Greene and rode her way to a camp on the other side of the britsh camp. She did get captured, but she memorised the letter andate it, and in the end (More)
I helped make breakfast,lunch,and dinner for my family. I did some cleaning and, helped my dad take care of my little sister who was sick.That is what I did to celebrate MLK.I love helping my family that day. It felt good doing something for someone (More)
Midnight Ride
Minutemen ready to fight at any time If one by land and two if by sea Date was April 18, 1775 No Redcoats made it to Jhon Hancock and Samuel Adams I heard he went by his house first Getting his horse taken away from him He said the (More)
Colonial Occupations Fur trading
January 16,1692 Today we made a big trade with the tribe near us.We traded weapons, silver, and beads.So they gave us furs, cloth, rope, food, seeds, clean water ,and string.The chief of the tribe thanked us and went back to their camp and we went (More)
Love for Reading Gift
Hour of Code Reflection
I did Dance Party it was really fun,exciting,and creative.I finished it and got a certificate for completing it in an hour.I was really surprised and interested in the coding world,it opened my eyes. (More)
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