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Buscar Mexico - Spanish 1
(My second time doing this since it decided to delete everything I've written) In Spanish 1, we read a book titled "Pobre Ana," and through the book, we learned the geography of Mexico and the populations of a couple of places. It was surprising t (More)
Mexican Attractions and Population
In this project, I studied the populations of a few major cities in Mexico and saw how they compared to Austin, Texas, my state capital, and Washington DC, my country's capital. I also saw where some of these states and cities were located on a map. (More)
Historical/Cultural places to visit in Mexico
For this Spanish project we were first required to label and highlight things on a map that are important and or relate to the book we started in class called "Pobre Ana". We also wrote populations of some of those cities or states down along with th (More)
Pobre Ana project
This past week in my Spanish 1 honors class my peers and I have studied the geography of Mexico! We have mostly looked at Nyarit, Mexico, as this is the state Ana, the main character of the book ¨Pobre Ana¨ by Blaine Ray, travels to in order to get o (More)
Mexican Research Project for Pobre Ana
Things I did in this research include: labeling some of Mexico's geography on a map to obtain a further understanding of the settings in Pobre Ana, recording different populations of several prominent Mexican cities for background information, and re (More)
Mexican Research Project
In our Spanish 1 Honors Class we did a Mexican Research project that identified the population of some cities and states in Mexico. We also labeled where Mexico City, Tepic, Guadalajara, and other states were in the map. Next, we researched ten place (More)
Pobre Ana Project
In this past semester in Spanish one, we have have been trying to learn more how to read while still learning about Mexican culture. One book we have been reading is called 'Pobre Ana' helping us understand words and different places in Mexico. one o (More)
The Wonders of Mexico
In class we learned about some of the things about the country of Mexico like the populations, labeling a map, and researching 10 places to visit or go. Two of the locations had to be in Nayarit. Nayarit is the place our main in character, in our boo (More)
Tour of Mexico Project
In Spanish class, we researched a lot about Mexico. We found the population of some important cities and the states where our book, Pobre Ana, takes place. Then, we found ten places in Mexico where we would like to travel to. We did this because it t (More)
Facts About Mexico Project
For the Mexico project, our class learned a lot about the culture and geography of Mexico. First, we studied the populations of certain states and cities in Mexico. We compared the amount of people that live in Mexico City to cities in the U.S. I lea (More)
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